Timetable: 1 Day

Cost: Course tuition £165.00 Including Kits

You will learn how to:

  • Health & Safety
  • Explain the benefits of the treatment
  •  Carry out a competent consultation
  •  Prepare for and provide a treatment
  • Demonstrations
  • Student Practice
  • Eyelash Tinting
  •  Advise your client on aftercare
  •  Have an underpinning knowledge of equipment used
  •   Manage your working environment efficiently

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Lash lifting is a great alternative treatment to Eyelash Extensions for Clients who are not keen on the idea of Eyelash Extensions but would like a lift of the lashes for ‘a wide awake’ look and the appearance of increased lash curl and length.

The Lash Lift takes approximately 45 minutes to apply and lasts up to 6 weeks. The Lash Lift system uses a silicone pad and each lash is lifted from the root individually adding an appearance of volume to your eyelashes. No Glue, No Maintenance, No Mascara needed.


Silicon Technology moulds to any Eye Shape

  • Enhances lashes lifting right from the root
  • Eliminates over curling during Treatment
  • Creates the illusion of lash lengthening
  • Easy to use lasting approx 6-8 weeks
  • – Natural looking – Opens up the eyes
  • Used to straighten or curl eyelashes
  • Suitable for short and long lashes
  • Perfect results every time



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