At Nail Base Training, we provide a 20 week, fast-track course that will give you a Level 2 City & Guilds qualification in beauty therapy. 

The course covers the following areas of learning;

Working in beauty related industries

 This is to ensure that you the learner know what to expect when you enter the world of beauty after you have finished your qualification. This will help you to feel more comfortable when you’re ready to start your new career.

Follow health and safety practices in the salon

We know this one’s boring however, it is an extremely important part of this course. When you start work in a proper salon, or however you wish to use your beauty qualification, you will realise just how much Health & Safety comes in to play and just how dangerous it could be if the rules surrounding health and safety within beauty aren’t followed.

Client care and communication in beauty related industries

Whilst some people find this part of working within this industry fairly easy, others may not and even the best of communicators learn something about how to conduct themselves properly within an environment where you are looking after a paying client.

Providing facial skincare

We know many of you will want to get started with the practical learning straight away and once the above 3 modules have been completed, we can get started with treatments. With any treatment, it is always important to start at the very beginning of a process. Before putting make-up on, we would make sure to apply moisturiser etc. When we learn about this as part of the level 2 qualification, we will really delve into how to care for the facial area and what different skin types require to ensure it’s looked after properly. Many people find this part of the course quite interesting.

Promote products and services to clients in a salon

With any job in any industry, it’s highly likely that there will be a sales aspect to your job role. That being said, this part of the course teaches you about how to do that properly and effectively whilst ensuring that you are promoting the right things for the right client.

Remove hair using waxing techniques

The title of this one speaks for itself. However, even though waxing may seem easy enough, there are so many do’s and don’ts that you will learn about. There’s many techniques to learn for different areas of the body. Students tend to thoroughly enjoy this part of the course

Provide manicure and pedicure treatments

This is another fun part of the course. Whilst it is basic, it’s likely that if you end up working in a beauty salon environment or similar that you will be doing a lot of this so it’s definitely a very important but enjoyable part of the course.

Apply Make-Up

A great part of the course, this part will teach you all about correctly applying make-up. It will teach you about the correct use of make-up, colouring and much more.

Provide eyelash and eyebrow treatments

As you’ll know, now days, one of the most important things girls look after now is their brows and lashes. This will touch base of how to care for them properly. Some people may only continue with this once they have achieved their qualification.

Instruction on make-up application

 This is to ensure that you are able to listen to client requests and fulfil them to a standard that your paying client would be happy with. Also, it is to make sure you would feel comfortable suggesting similar alternatives that may better suit your clients skin type/ skin colour etc…

Create an image based on a theme within the hair and beauty sector

Everyone loves this part of the course, with it being the favourite bit for most. This is where we will want to see you get creative based on everything that you’ve learnt collectively from the fast-track level 2 beauty therapy course.

Our very friendly and experiences trainers will help you to feel at ease throughout this fast-track course. There is a lot of work to do and not much time to do it in but we will help you to pass with as much ease as possible. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you wish to book.