Looking for Lash Lift Training?

At Nailbase Nail and Beauty Training we are very experienced with Lash Lift Training. If you decide to attend one of our courses you can be assured that your training will be delivered by an experienced industry professional. We consider Lash Lift treatments to be an important part of your skill as a practitioner in the beauty industry. The lash lift treatment it has become increasingly popular with clients and saves time with morning makeup routines.

What is Lash Lift?

Lash lifting is a professional treatment that lifts your lashes to make them appear thicker, longer and gives them greater definition. It offers an excellent alternative to Eyelash Extensions, your clients will enjoy the “wide awake” look and appearance of increased lash curl and length that they will see after the treatment.

A beautiful Lash lift enhances your lashes and will lift them right from the root to create fantastic definition for results that last for approximately 6 to 8 weeks. The treatment creates a look that is very natural in its appearance because it gives the effect of really opening up the eyes and can be used to either straighten or curl eyelashes. The treatment can be used very successfully on both long and short lashes and essentially can be thought of as a perm for your eyelashes.

What is involved?

All treatments start with a full consultation before your beauty therapist cleanses the eyes and then uses a silicon rod to curl the lashes over to set the lashes. Once correctly positioned, a lifting lotion is applied to allow the lashes to shape around the silicon rod. To finish off a setting lotion is applied to set the shape.

The best lash lift training is always delivered to allow you to gain as much practical experience as possible. For this reason we have designed our course to be hands on as possible. You’ll be able to get plenty of practice at tinting and lifting before moving onto your final assessment.

All of our beauty courses are ABT Accredited